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Pleasant Harbor

The Greater Quilcene/Brinnon Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to the northernmost gateway to the recreational abundance of Hood Canal and the Olympics. You will have many choices when you visit the Quilcene Ranger Station which provides shellfishing, camping, hiking and backpacking information so you may take advantage of the 20 mile stretch of Highway 101.

This highway proudly offers 13 campgrounds, seven lakes, three major rivers and innumerable boating, fishing, hiking, trailriding, cross-country skiing, birdwatching, snow-mobiling and other sightseeing opportunities.

The Quilcene National Fish Hatchery and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Point Whitney Shellfish Hatchery are open to visitors and give you a peak at fish and shellfish as they hatch and grow. There are excellent public clam and oyster beaches along the canal and Quilcene Bay. There are many Dungeness crabs and tasty Hood Canal spotted shrimp just waiting to be enjoyed. Within a short half-hour drive of Quilcene and Brinnon are three lovely waterfalls – Dosewallips, Rocky Brook and Falls View. Mount Walker view points are great places to picnic and enjoy the views of Hood Canal, Puget Sound, The Olympic Mountains, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and British Columbia. The Quilcene Historical Museum is open April 21 through Sept. 21, Friday – Monday, 1-5 p.m., and is located in Quilcene at the corner of Center Road and Columbia Street, 360-765-4848.

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For more information contact the
Greater Quilcene/Brinnon Chamber of Commerce – 360-765-4999


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