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hadlockpicnic.jpg (9993 bytes)The Tri-Area includes Port Hadlock, Chimacum, Irondale and Nordland (also known as Marrowstone Island). This area is full of interesting history, beauty, unique stores and great eateries. Whether you choose to fish at Anderson Lake State Park, explore the old army bunkers at Fort Flagler State Park, hike along the shorelines at one of the county’s day parks, or just spend the day at an old-fashioned park, families may easily find fun and many different activities to fill the day. Just one of many special organized celebrations is the Fourth of July centervlysm.jpg (4214 bytes)Celebration called Jefferson Days. This is sponsored by the Port Hadlock/Tri-Area Chamber of Commerce and takes place on Indian Island Naval Ordinance. A day long festival which offers a variety of activities with a spectacular fireworks display over Port Townsend Bay.
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For more information about state parks in the area, contact The Jefferson
ounty Parks Department at 360-385-9129 or Washington State Parks
Recreation Commission, 360-902-8500 or 800-233-0321.

For reservations: Reservations Northwest 800-452-5687

Port Hadlock/Tri-Area Chamber of Commerce website:
Port Hadlock Chamber


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